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Re: First impressions (Was: Rolls and Ruffs)

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: First impressions (Was: Rolls and Ruffs)
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 11:23:11 +0200
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* There's still too many hacks involved. Typing the above score I ran
  into the following problems.

  - representing snare drum notes. (Ruffs, rolls and flams). The current
    layout is acceptable, but the it's a hack. It would be better if
    Lilypond knew the correct musical concept.
    Tremolos in ruffs and rolls should not be aligned with beams.
    It's annoying that grace notes needs to be phantom duplicated in
    other voiced in repeats, but I can see that's a know bug. Anyway,
    the period between the to beats of a flam is so short that grace
    notes doesn't give the correct timing.

Judging from the mails on the mailing list, there hasn't been that many
people using LilyPond for percussion earlier. At least not people with
sufficient competence to realize these problems. Even if you have
described the problems in some earlier emails, I think it would be nice
if you could collect your request in a separate email sent as a feature
request to the bug-lilypond or lilypond-devel mailing lists.
Of course, it's even better if you can assist yourself in implementing
such features.

  - ties and slurs should carry over into alternatives.

That's an old well-known request that seems a bit tricky to add in
LilyPond as it's implemented today. However, if we keep repeating
it over and over again, Han-Wen or Jan might find out some nice

  - Ideally you should only write each peace of information 1
    time. However, there's as far as I can see no silver bullet to do
    this with LilyPond. If I want "Da CAPO al FINE" (I do), where should
    I write it so it's only written once and it's present in every print
    of a single voice, but only present once in the full score?

You have already got an answer here, pointing out how to do that.

  - btw... LilyPond should know of repeating by "dal segno/da capo".

Well, yes. But, there are many different ways to notate it, so it
may be hard to implement a complete support.

  - I know I probably should have typed everything in the sounding key,
    but it was easier for me to just type each instrument as it is
    written and manipulate afterward. It doesn't give the correct key in
    the midi output.

See the subsections on Instrument transpositions and Transpose in the
section on Orchestral Music.

  - I had to upgrade to 2.3.1 to make one line staffs work better. I
    still get a lot of warnings which I don't know why.

How you bug reported the problem? I couldn't find it mentioned in any
of your earlier emails. In gerenal, I propose to stick to the stable
version for any serious typesetting.


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