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Re: Help in using polyphony

From: Hendrik
Subject: Re: Help in using polyphony
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 12:20:43 +0200

Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> "Hendrik" <address@hidden> writes:
>>> Indeed it came from the manual for 1.8 Maybe there should
>>> be a warning that such things have changed?  I found it by
>>> googling with " polyphony".
>> I recommend you browsing the manual directly.  It may even
>> be installed on your local computer together with LilyPond
>> and hopefully correspond to the installed version.  The web
>> site contains documentation for various versions.
>>> << \melody
>>>    \accompany
>>>    \bass
>> I would rather do << \melody \\ \bass \\ \accompany >> or
>> even better give explicit \voiceOne, \voiceTwo...  commands
>> to arrange stem directions and the like.

I did this (inside \melody ...), but all the stems were up then.  So I used
\stemUp and \stemDown.

>>             \override Staff.NoteCollision
>>                 #'merge-differently-headed = ##t
>>             \override Staff.NoteCollision
>>                 #'merge-differently-dotted = ##t
>> is often useful for guitar scores.

Where should I put this?  Inside the \scores I presume, but outside the
others right?

>>> which are each input like <<as c>> <<as c>>
>> You probably mean <as c> <as c> instead.

Yes, this works better, thanks.

But I still get a bunch of error messages saying 'adding notes to
incompatible stem (type=2) Don't you want polyphonic voices instead?'
And also 'Can't have rests and note heads together on a stem', which makes
sense, because at those places the rests are printed over the notes, instead
of lowered under them.  Should I do this by hand?
And also 'Can not add text scripts to individual note heads', but that is
something I'll worry about later, when first the notes are at the right

>>> Well ok, I'll keep meddling and see what comes out...
>> Good luck!

Thanks.  H.

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