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Kneed cue-notes

From: Ruud van Silfhout
Subject: Kneed cue-notes
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 17:57:22 +0200


Some time ago I asked how I could create a piece of music
with kneed cue notes. Until now I still do not have the desired result.

This is what I try to do (see music below):
I have two staffs called tenor and bass. On these staffs I have
multiple voices. A voice with the tenors music accompanied by
tenors text (which I left out to simpify the example a bit) and a voice
for the cue notes.
The same goes for the bass staff.

The reason to have separate voices for the cue notes is that I can
size these cue notes independently from the normal notes and that I
can reuse the tenor and bass music and lyrics in parts, which are
differently typeset. shouldn't this be possible? Otherwise I can't reuse
the normal bass and tenor music??

In order to change from staff I use the \change
command as I found in the example.

Once this works, I also need the following: The tenor voice is normally
typeset with the G_8 clef. For the organ music in the cue notes,
the clef is a normal G.

What is the correct way to do this?

I am currently working on lily version 2.2.0, cygwin

Ruud van Silfhout

\version "2.2.0"

bassMusic  = \notes \relative c { \time 4/8 d2 | R2 | r16 d8 d16 d d d d | }
tenorMusic = \notes \relative c { \time 4/8 d2 | R2 | r16 d8 d16 d d d d | }
% oUp = \notes { \change Staff=tenor \stemDown }; does not work! staff
unknown yet

\score {
    \context ChoirStaff <<
      \context Staff = tenor <<
        \context Voice = tenors \notes { \clef "G_8" \tenorMusic }
        \context Voice = organUp \notes {  s1 }
      \context Staff = bass <<
        \context Voice = basses \notes { \clef bass \bassMusic }
        \context Voice = organDown \notes \relative c {
          \clef bass
          \time 4/8
          % this is what I want to do;
          % designate a voice on a staff to switch to
          %\change Voice=organUp \stemDown e8
          %\change Voice=organDown \stemUp f,16
          % this is what I have to do; switch to a staff
          \change Staff=tenor \stemDown e8
          \change Staff=bass \stemUp f,16
          \change Staff=tenor \stemDown des'16
          \change Staff=bass \stemUp ges,8] r8 | r4
          \change Staff=tenor \stemDown d'8[ es8] | bes'8[
          \change Staff=bass \stemUp a,8 ~ a8 a8 ~ ] | a16[
          \change Staff=tenor \stemDown g8
          \change Staff=bass \stemUp c16 ~ ] c16[
          \change Staff=tenor \stemDown b16 ~ b8] |

  \paper {
    indent = 0
    papersize = "a4"

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