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Re: Trouble with notes in LaTeX

From: Thorkil Wolvendans
Subject: Re: Trouble with notes in LaTeX
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 18:21:46 +0200

At 15:27 11-6-04, you wrote:
Thorkil Wolvendans wrote:
>> Thanks for the link. Strangely the email doesn't appear to be there
>> in my archive. Oh well!
>> I have to admit that I'm a fairly LaTeX novice, and I haven't got a
>> clue how to incorporate the advice given in the email, in my own
>> document. Could you give me a more detailed explanation of how to
>> achieve what I want?
>> This is the file: (the body text is dutch, but I don't think that
>> should give any problems)
>> %%begining of file%%
>> \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{report}
>> \usepackage[dutch]{babel}
>> \begin{document}
>> \setlength{\parindent}{0pt}
>> \begin{center}
>> \LARGE \textbf{Cant\'ar}\\
>> \normalsize \textit{Speelaanwijzingen}\\[10mm]
>> \end{center}

Consider using something like \section{Cant\'ar}?

Yes, I tried that, but it didn't suit my needs.

If you use
you can enter accented notes from the keyboard, e.g. geïnteresseerd.

That's right-- I read it in the Not so short etc., but forgot about it.

>> Cant\'ar is geschreven voor twee ver van elkaar verwijderde piano's
>> en dient gespeeld te worden op tempo [sixteenth note here] =
>> 368.\\[5mm]
>> \end{document}

You don't need Lilypond here.  There are note symbols in the wasysym
package.  (I'm not sure there is a sixteenth note too, though).

Unfortunately, in the waysym ain't no sixteenth note available. Burden.

For more (La)TeX related questions, you can also resort to comp.text.tex...

I've done that (with rather unsuccesful results, unfortunately..)

Good luck, H.

Thank you!


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