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Re: Correct way to engrave tempo instructions?

From: Alex Young
Subject: Re: Correct way to engrave tempo instructions?
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 17:21:02 +0000
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On Sunday 13 June 2004 10:50, Alex Klein wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I was wondering, what is the correct way to engrave the tempo
> instructions (for example "Allegro vivace") in a classical piece? I
> usually use the piece text in the header (which works nice but in most
> scores I know the tempo instruction is set above the bar not flushed to
> the left and is in bold letters), but what if one needs to insert a
> tempo instruction in the middle of the piece. There are of course the
> tempo markers, but I need the "text version" for this. Would be nice if
> there would be a command like
> \tempo 4=140 "Allegro vivace"
> which would result in just the text being printed in the score but the
> numbers used for the midi file.

I've set a couple of orchestral scores with exactly that problem - I ended up 
creating an extra part that was something like:

timing = \notes {
        s1\markup {Legato}
        \repeat unfold N {s1}
        s1\markup {Allegro vivace}

where the N is padding to fit in with the other parts.  The good thing about 
doing it this way is that you can do something like:

\include ""
\include ""
\include ""
\include % as many other instruments as you want %

\score {
        \context StaffGroup <<
                \new Staff \notes {
                        \clef violin
                        << \timing \firstViolin >> \bar "|."}
                \new Staff \notes {
                        \clef bass
                \new Staff % all your other instruments %

which gives you the conductor's score, and a file much simpler gives you each 
instrument's score.  Using the \timing object makes it all easy.  There may 
be a much better way than this, but it was the most flexible method I could 
find...  Any improvements?

- -- 
Alex Young
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