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Non-justified plainchant (Gregorian and modern notation)

From: Benjamin D. Smedberg
Subject: Non-justified plainchant (Gregorian and modern notation)
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 17:47:04 -0400
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I am new to Lilypond, having been a user of Finale for many years. I am a relatively experienced programmer, having extensive experience within the Mozilla project. I have several questions, but I'll start out with something I hope is fairly simple:

I do quite of bit of engraving in plainchant, both modern and Gregorian. I have not discovered a layout mode which does not justify the music on each line. In plainchant, the staff lines should extend to the end of each line, but the actual notes and text should be spaced and engraved as if it were left-justified (except for the custos). Does this mode already exist, and I missed it? Or is it something that should exist as a scheme extension, and can I get guidance on how I could code that?

--Benjamin Smedberg
Director of Music, St. Patrick Church: Washington, DC

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