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Snare drum (Ruffs and rolls)

From: Peter Mogensen
Subject: Snare drum (Ruffs and rolls)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:08:49 +0200
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My 50c:
> I've been using Lilypond for percussion notation (mostly snare drum
> and drum-set) and have found it produces good results. Tremolos in
> ruffs and rolls _can_ be aligned with beams.  This is how it is done
> in Wilcoxon's All American Drummer (one of the seminal snare drum
> books). This is not to say that the alternate form mentioned above
> would not be useful.

I'm not a drummer, but I've seen and directed hundreds of scores for marching band and I don't recall any which used plain tremolos for ruffs and rolls. ... not to say it can't be done, but then it seems to be a matter of local tradition. Strokes across stems are often thinner than tremolos and not not aligned with any beams in the material I've seen.
(the strokes are not thinner here in the last sample though)

> In drum notation it is important to distinguish between the double
> stroke or `open roll', where each stick strikes the drum twice, and
> the buzz roll, where each stick produces an indefinite number of
> strokes. Usually this is done today by indicating double stroke rolls
> with tremolo repeat symbols and buzz rolls with a z through the stem
> of the note in the same fashion as the / of the tremelo repeat.

I know the technical difference, but its seldom but into notation in the type of orchestra I play most. (flutes, snares, bugles and some times a brass section).


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