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Re: Lyrics not lining up properly

From: Cameron and Trudy Horsburgh
Subject: Re: Lyrics not lining up properly
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:26:35 +1000
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Thanks for your reply Mats (and Ralph!)

This doesn't appear to have fixed my problem, but it has forced me to tidy up my code a lot, so thanks anyway!

At the end of the process though, the lyrics were still unevenly aligned and the skip rests caused a few barcheck problems too. However, I did notice that any lyrics printed on a second line were aligned properly. So the simple workaround (I need this piece tomorrow!) is to put a /break command before the bar in question.

Any more suggestions would help. Following Ralph's suggestion, is there any way to explicitly turn a lLyrics context off?


Mats Bengtsson wrote:

The problem is that each set of lyrics will be typeset in a new
Lyrics context. Since the contexts are placed vertically in the
order they are created, each new one will appear one step further
down. To make LilyPond realize that all the lyrics should be typeset
in the same Lyrics context, you have to do two things:
- Name the context and use the same name every time you use it:
\context Lyrics = mylyrics \lyrics{ ... }
- Make sure that this Lyrics context is kept alive also during
the sections that don't have any lyrics, for example by ending the
first section of lyrics with
\lyrics { ... \skip 2.*20 }
(You have to adjust the number of bars so it doesn't go beyond the
end of the piece, but extend at least up to the start of the last
set of lyrics).


Cameron and Trudy Horsburgh wrote:

Hi folks,

I''m typesetting a piece of cornet music which requires the musician to sing every once in a while. However, each separate instance of lyrics (presumably in the same context comes out a line lower than the one before it. It's a bit hard to describe, so here's a cut down version of what I'm trying to do (I get the same result). I've defined the Lyrics context earlier in the piece and used it without any problems. It sits at the same height as does the first instance of my example here. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

\version "2.2.0"
\relative c''{
\key bes \major
\time 6/8
\partial 8 f,8 | bes(d) f, bes(d) f, | bes( d4 )~ d4
{ees8^"(Sing)" | d4 d8 c4 c8 | bes4.~bes4}
{ \context Lyrics \lyrics {A8 hunt4 -- ing8 we4 will8 go.4.}}
f8 | bes(d) f, bes(d) f, | bes( d4 )~ d4
{ees8^"(Sing)" | d4 d8 c4 c8 | bes4}
{ \context Lyrics \lyrics {A8 hunt4 -- ing8 we4 will8 go.4}}


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