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Re: 2 Qns again

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: 2 Qns again
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 16:17:52 +0200
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Joshua Koo wrote:

1. How do I add words to dynamics?
For example adding square brackets to f --> [f]
or spelling the full name Forte but having the rest of the letters "orte" the same font with the "F". or maybe creating an optional trill --> (tr)
Perphaps this works
r4-\markup { \bold{ \large { \italic {"[" \dynamic "f" "]" }}} }
But I find this funny. Any ideas?

That's the principle I use. For example
_\markup{\dynamic pp \italic dolce }

2. Adding figured bass directly to the notes instead of an extra context.
According to Tips and Trips, this is possible using markup. However, would using markup have the same output with the figured context?
Is there anything command to use like
        c4-\figures{ <3 5> }
Or maybe if the notes can be spilt into 2 "voices" and the 2nd voice used for 
the figured bass.
        << { c4 } \\ { \figures{ <3 5>8 <4 6> } } >>

Just use the ordinary syntax for fingerings or text scripts:
If you define commands like
sharp = \markup{ \small \sharp }
you could also say c^3^\sharp
In more complicated examples, you will need the power of the
\markup command, see

And a final qn. This should be the 3rd qn but since I havnt got a solution 
since the last time, so... (ignore my cold joke)
I scaned and uploaded a score with chinese that I would like to help typeset. 
The pictures are at page1 page2
I'm thinking it should be fairly easy to typeset this, on the other hand, I'm 
not too sure.

I cannot access these pages, "connection is refused".


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