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Re: fontforge crashes while creating fonts

From: Patrick Atamaniuk
Subject: Re: fontforge crashes while creating fonts
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 23:23:51 +0159
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I implemented these suggessted changes as workaround while
upgrading the very out of date FreeBSD port to the 2.2.2
version. (*blush*)
Until the patch is available via CVSup, the links below may
The port skeleton is available at
The patch to the port can be reviewd at

Major changes are:
 +introduce build flag "WITH_SELFBUILT_FONTS" for the time
when fontforge will work again
 +depend on wget and rpm2cpio for get-pfa workaround
 +depend on scrollkeeper-install as documentation will be installed
completely now
 +reflect all changes in new/removed files for packaging and deinstallation

If anyone has time to test the new version, i appreciate any
comments and critics :)

Thank you for your patience and help,

Ben Crowell(address@hidden)@2004.06.12 13:00:00 +0000:
> The situation appears to be like this:
>  fontforge 29-Oct-2003 works
>  fontforge 4-Apr-2004 crashes
>  fontforge 1-Jun-2004 works
> So for people who have a version of fontforge that crashes, the
> options would be either to upgrade to the very latest version of
> fontforge (more recent than the one in the FreeBSD ports system),
> or else follow the procedure I posted earlier.
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