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Install from rpm - where is the profile script?

From: Jeff Smith
Subject: Install from rpm - where is the profile script?
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 20:09:34 -0600
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I've installed lilypond on two machines: Fedora Core 1 and RH9.
In both cases, I installed using apt-get, so the rpms were loaded
for me.

Lilypond runs on its own and produces beautiful output. But when
I try to include a \begin{lilypond} environment in a LaTex
document, the latex compile crashes stating:

! LaTeX Error: Environment lilypond undefined.

After finding nothing helpful in the published documentation, I
finally found a reference to the scripts that
are shipped with the source code. 

My apt-get came from the CCRMA project, but nothing there talks
about needing profile scripts. So I'm very confused. I presume
that I need to tell LaTeX how to find this stuff, but since I
haven't actually built my own executables, I have no scripts.

So I tried downloading the source files and sourcing the
appropriate file. But it STILL doesn't work.

Is there anybody out there who's dealt with this problem and is
willing to share their secrets?
Jeff Smith
Computer Science Dept.
University of Saskatchewan

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