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flag position

From: LEGRAND Jean-Marc
Subject: flag position
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 15:17:21 +0200

Hi all of you !

my new problem deals with flag position.

My text is, with Lilypond 2.0 on Windows  :

%31ème couplet
\score    {
     \notes {
          \clef alto
          \key d\minor
          \time 3/4
          \relative c' {
          \property Voice.Script \set #'padding = #1
          \property Score.timing = ##f
          d8.\stopped [a'32 a a] d,8 [a' d, a'] \bar "|"
          cis,8.[\breathe a'32 a a] cis,8 [a' a, a'] \bar "|"
          d,8.\stopped [a'32 a a] d,8 [a' f d] \bar "|"
          c8. [g'32 g g] c,8 [g' c, e] \bar "|"
          f,8. [f'32 f f] f,8 [f' f, a] \bar "|"
          \appoggiatura {\stemDown \slurUp c,16} g'8. [e'32 e e] c,8 [e' c, 
bes'] \bar "|"
          \appoggiatura {\stemDown \slurUp d,16} f8. [d'32 d d] d,8 [d' d, f]
          \clef F \bar "|"
          \appoggiatura {\stemDown \slurUp a,16} e'8. [cis'32 cis cis] a,8 
[cis' a, g'] \bar "|"
          d16 a' a a f a a a d, a' a a \bar "|"
          cis, a' a a e a a a cis, a' a a \bar "|"
          d, a' a a f a a a d, b' b b \bar "|"
          c, c' c c c,16 c' c c c,16 bes' bes bes \bar "|"
          \clef alto
          f f' f f a, f' f f f, f' f f \bar "|"
          c, e' e e g,16 e' e e c,16 bes' bes bes \bar "|"
          f d' d d \clef F a, cis' cis cis e, cis' cis cis \bar "|"
          \appoggiatura {\stemDown \slurUp \property Voice.Beam \override 
#'positions = #'(-3 . -1)
d,16 [f a]} d2.
          \bar "||"}
\header { piece="\\newpage  31ème couplet"}
\paper {}

In the first measure, it's OK : [a'32 a a]  are well grouped together.
But in the second and sixth measures, the firts of these three notes has its 
flag on the left, so
that the two last are well grouped together, but there's a gap between first 
and second note. I
don't know if I'm clear, but I do need somme help !

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