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Re: Two staves to one while dropping the bracket?

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Re: Two staves to one while dropping the bracket?
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 14:55:41 +0100

Hi Mats,
I have a related question.
I have a score where I wish to use the \RemoveEmptyStaffContext on one
staff of a staff group only. The reason for this is that I have a part
which is separate but only exists for a few bars in the entire piece,
and I don't want it to occupy a line on every page of the score.
However, all other parts I do, even if they only have bars rest.

I can't remember exactly what I tried, but I think it involved using the
new \with syntax to add the HaraKiri engraver, like:

\score {
        \new StaffGroup {
                \new Staff \SoloCornet
                \new Staff \with { \consists "Hara_kiri_engraver"}
..or something like that.

I could put together a simple example if nothing comes immediately to

What happened is that lilypond just "hung".

Do you know if anybody has used this in this way?
Lilypond 2.2 BTW.


Mats wrote:
One solution is to use the \RemoveEmptyStaffContext and simply insert
multimeasure rests in the second stave. Then, LilyPond will
automatically remove the second stave and the opening brace on the
lines where there are no notes.


uppervoice=\new Staff \notes\relative c'{
c d e f g a b c c b a g f e d c
c d e f g a b c c b a g f e d c
c d e f g a b c c b a g f e d c

lowervoice=\new Staff \notes\relative c''{
c b a g f e d c c d e f g a b c \break
R1*4 \break
c4 b a g f e d c c d e f g a b c }

   \new GrandStaff <<
     \context {


Alex Klein wrote:
> Hi,
> a month ago I had a little problem which I still haven't found a
> solution for. I was engraving a piece of music where the first violin
> split into upper and lower voice, which was notated by using two
> and a group bracket. At one time in the piece, the split is lost and
> first violins play in unison. I was able to drop the second stave, but
> no matter what I did, there was always a group bracket around the
> stave left.
> What is the correct way to engrave this?
> Cheers
> Alex

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