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Re: Output Combined Parts

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Output Combined Parts
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 10:07:20 -0400
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On Thursday 17 June 2004 12:25 am, Joshua Koo wrote:
> Hi
> I put each of my instrument notes is inside a separate file, so lets
> say all cellos notes are inside and violin notes are inside
> In each of these files, they have a \score{} so I can print
> out the indiviual parts. Then I have a which have a huge
> staff which combine all the parts together. however, while is parsing
> the individual instruments like, it will render the \score{}
> inside, causing the score.pdf not only to contain the combined parts,
> and it has the separate parts.
> Is there anyway I can control when to  print the indiviual parts, and
> when to print all parts as a group?

Make a file with s's or \skips in it and rename to cello.bak
and name your skip-file, for example.  You can automate it with 
bash script or batch file.

The purpose of sly is to enable editing all your parts simultaneously.
Take a look at it.  You also could use it for each part for safety,
because that way your would be a temporary file created by
cello.sly.  daveA

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