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Table Music, Mirror Music or whatever you call... Re: Time

From: Joshua Koo
Subject: Table Music, Mirror Music or whatever you call... Re: Time
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 17:11:11 +0800


        I guess this piece might be interesting to figure out how to typeset. 
I'm not sure what you call it, my violin teacher used to call it mozart's table 
music, sort of you can play the music if you read it 1 way, and turn the page 
around, and you can play it another way. (I remember reading Mozart love to do 
these type of stunts, example playing music backwards...) Perphaps, the score 
is to place on a table then 2 partners just sit on both ends and play the 
music? For this case it might not be diffcult to typeset it, if you were just 
to spilt it into 2 pages, then combine end to end. But for me I dont know how 
to do it. I remember there's another piece where I see accidentals which are 
opposite each others, but some how I cant remember where I placed them, its 
quite long time ago already... Only when you are free, try typesetting them ;) 
I wont be around, but it be interesting to see what can be done then

        OH!!! Almost forget the score can be get here: (~333k)

Thanks and have fun,

====== At 2004-06-18, 19:02:55 you wrote: =======

>On Thursday 17 June 2004 04.09, Joshua Koo wrote:
>> Wow, Amazing! Well I didnt expect you would really type up and time
>> yourself. I was just waiting to get some approimate estimates.
>Well, I just did it for fun.. I never actually benchmarked my typesetting, I 
>also wanted to see how much time it actually takes.
>> I definally 
>> took much much much longer than you did, and means I would have to improve
>> myself much more. Thanks for pointing out the possible mistakes. Bar 17:
>> According to my score, it it correct. 
>Then it probably is correct; i just suspected it wasn't since it looked 
>inconsistent with the way it was done in some other places.
>(but I'm not a cello player)
>> So the dirty way was to use *2/3 when you didnt want triplets, and \times
>> 2/3 when you needed the tripplets? Think I ask the question a while back
>> here, but cant remember if it was answered. But anyway this is my method.
>>  \override TupletBracket   #'number-visibility = ##f
>Thanks.. I remembered it was something like this, so I grepped for "tuplet" 
>everywhere.. but apparently I didn't grep -i.
>> \header {
>>        title = "Brandenberg Concerto No.5 (Keyboard Concencerto) Mvt 3"
>>        composer = "J.S. Bach"
>>        tagline = "address@hidden WIP for mutopia-project"
>>        meter = "Allegro"
>btw, I think this should be piece.. meter is for metronome markings, I think. 
>I'm not sure though.

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