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LilyTool for jEdit 0.2 beta

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: LilyTool for jEdit 0.2 beta
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:33:45 +0200

Dear LilyPond users,

the 0.2 beta version of LilyPond plugin for jEdit is available now from

It has better integration with jEdit and cool new features.

News since 0.1:

- jDvi integrated into lily4jedit, so point-and-click is available, thanks
to Johannes Schindler (Dscho) for his great work
- Automatic code completion for \override and \set - no longer needed to
browse the documentation endlessly - if you hover on the name of a property
with the mouse, you get the description in a tooltip box, the default value
is expanded or a template is provided to fill in value. For example: if you
type \override you can choose a context from a drop-down list, then choose
the grob, then choose the property. All of these without errors, without
opening the doc.
- New, lyrics-compliant document wizard implemented with Velocity templates
and BeanShell
- Integrated midi playing (thx Dscho)
- Integrated cygwin shell (thx Dscho) - Now write cygwin commands directly
in jEdit Console.
- Automatic hyphenation of lyrics using LaTeX's hyphenation engine. (see
- Easier future integration of macros and templates.

- LilyJHelp _must_ be downloaded separately
- jEdit 4.1 is required
- Templates, SideKick, Console, ErrorList plugins are required

It's still beta, and the doc has not been updated yet. Your suggestions are
welcome, put them on project page.

The lily4jedit team:

Bertalan Fodor
Johannes Schindler
Joshua Koo

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