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Help with Lilypond on Windows

From: J L
Subject: Help with Lilypond on Windows
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 18:45:37 +1200


Recently I found out about Lilypond. On the homepage there are many good reports from users of Lilypond. Curious, and wanting a music layout/typesetting/etc. program that I wouldn't have to spend in the hundreds or thousands to obtain, I downloaded a copy. Note: I am running a Windows XP computer, not Linux.

For one thing, the current installation process for Lilypond is clumsy and troublesome. Can't someone make a proper installer for it?

Is there a possibility that some changes be made to the interface of Lilypond? Although I've read how normal programming languages (i.e. C, C++) are not flexible enough, and don't allow users to customize how they want the output to be, is it possible to have bits of the program that allow it to load different settings? If this is possible, then hopefully the Cygwin environment will be dumped in favour of a totally or nearly standalone Windows program. Also, are there any people out there who are annoyed about how console windows always terminate when they are finished? This means that unless it writes all its display to a file, the user can't tell what problems might have been encountered. This is the first problem I have running Lilypond, as well as the fact that it doesn't seem to be able to produce any output (hence the complaint about the Cygwin environment). The scripts that are supposed to run Lilypond by default don't work at all, and a bit more luck is gained by directly calling Lilypond-bin.exe. Still, although the display lasts longer, showing stuff other than the Cygwin startup stuff, it terminates without any output. I've tried many different command-line operations to no avail.

Lord Sneezalot

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