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Re: Problems with lilypond-book after upgrade

From: Ben Crowell
Subject: Re: Problems with lilypond-book after upgrade
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 21:24:27 -0500
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TS Sunhede Fulk wrote:
>PS. I love Lilypond,
So do I!

>but the manual is really awful. You really need to write it with a user/reader 
>who has no programming experience in mind.

Joe Neeman wrote:
>I agree, but you can help [snip]
>I think part of the problem is that the people most likely to write the 
>documentation are those will lots of
>programming experience. If users want user-friendly documentation, they might 
>have to pitch in and help. There's
>also a wiki somewhere.

In principle, I agree with Joe about users pitching in and helping. However, 
IMO that's not really possible
at this point because Lilypond is not stable enough yet. The language is 
constantly changing, and so are
things like the command-line options for lilypond-book. It's not reasonable to 
expect users to write
documentation, knowing that their documentation will become obsolete in a few 
months. To me, a version
number like 2.2 is inappropriate for lilypond at this point. Given the rapid 
pace of development,
I think it should be more like 0.2.2, and when software is at 0.2.2, it's not 
really done enough to attract
third-party documentation.

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