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RE: Methods of working

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: RE: Methods of working
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 18:02:13 +0200

I use jEdit ( with the LilyPond plugin
( That's all. The best that I don't have to
leave jEdit and can do anything :-) If I were you I compared it to an
Emacs-based workflow :-)

- I click on the "document wizard" button and set up my staves with lyrics
if needed, key signature, time signature, partial measure and so on
correctly, in 10 seconds.

- I write the score, using the autocompletion feature. I save it to see if I
forgot to close a block or misspelled some command (but latter can rarely
happen due to the autocompletion).  

- If I have lyrics, I type them in and have the plugin hyphenate it

- I press F7 to have it processed, then press F9 to see the DVI file. I
click on the bad notes, to get back to the erroneous place. Sometimes I have
errors in the errorlist (usually for bar check errors), so click on them to
get to the erroneus place.

- If I want to override something I hardly know what property to set, I type
\override and using the autocompletion and the popup property-help I choose
the appropriate property.

- If I need to find something in the help I usually click on the LilyPond
help button, choose full-text search and look for it.

- To see a PS version of the score I go into the Plugin/LilyPond menu and
click on View PS.

- If I want to listen to the midi file I click on the Midi button in the
LilyPond toolbar. 


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