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Re: Stradella Bass Accordion Chords

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Stradella Bass Accordion Chords
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:48:49 +0200
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Tim Hucker writes:

> I posted this query and have had no replies - is this because:
> (a) the answer is so obvious that it doesn't merit a reply
> (b) what I want to do can't be done
> (c) I've breached some etiquette that I didn't know about?

You should also consider:

(d) bad timing
(e) the question is too hard
(f) the question is too vague
(g) all of the above

It is always wise to repost (and possibly rephrase) an unanswered

> Having continued to work on the problem with no success, there seem to be 2
> parts:
> Firstly, I want to turn off the inversion marker on the chord name
> completely, and
> Secondly I want to redefine the chords. As Lilypond seems to assume that the
> root of the chord is the lowest note is it possible to actually redefine
> chords one by one, so that a C major comes out as indicated below?
> Thanks in advance to anyone who troubles to reply.
> Tim Hucker
>>Firstly & most importantly a big thank you to everyone involved in Lilypond
> for
>>such an amazing program - and free too! Please keep up the good work.
>>I am involved with engraving music for the accordion, particularly
> piano
>>accordion with Stradella bass. As the actual notes that play when you
> depress a
>>chord button are dictated by the instrument rather than the music, the
> notes
>>printed are a matter of convention.
>>For example, a chord of c major in the bass is conventionally represented
> as
>>middle c with the g and e below it. On my instrument the notes that
> actually
>>play are middle c with the e above and g below.

So, what do you want to have notated?

It seems that the cord name you want printed, is different from what
you want to see as actual pitches?

>>Is is possible for me to redefine the chords in Lilypond so that I get the
>>right inversion automatically, and the right chord name to go with it?

Maybe this example helps?

names = \chords {

        \context ChordNames \names
        \new Voice \relative c' { \clef bass \names }
        \new Voice \notes\relative c' {
            \clef bass
            <c e g>1
            <c e, g,>
            <c e, g,>
            <c e, g,>
            <c e, g,>


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