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proper placing of chordnames re: alternative ending brackets

From: John Sellers
Subject: proper placing of chordnames re: alternative ending brackets
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:42:03 -0700
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Newbee question:
I was doing a simple lead sheet with repeats and alternatives and had trouble with the chordnames being above the alternative ending brackets rather than between the brackets and the staff, which is the usual way of doing lead sheets.

I got some help which lead me to a solution to this problem posted in Feb., and after playing got part of it working:

\score {
 \notes <<
   \context ChordNames {
       \set chordChanges = ##t
   \context Staff = one \melody
   \set  verticalExtent = #' (-1 . 3.5)
   \set  minimumVerticalExtent = #'(-1 . 1)

%     \translator {
%            \StaffContext
%            VoltaBracket \override #'padding       = #3  %pts
%        }

The part that is flagged out is an exact quote from the solution posting, but the translator escape is not recognized by lilypond in my case. What should I do to get the VoltaBracket padding modification to work? Translators are completely beyond my newbee experience.

Thanks,  John Sellers, fiddle player, violinist, and Former Smalltalker

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