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Re: Making a lilypond-book -- IT WORKS...sort of

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Making a lilypond-book -- IT WORKS...sort of
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 10:33:35 +0200
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Will Oram wrote:
As is typical with me, I misread the instructions for lilypond-book --process. After some toying around, I got it to build at last.

There are some problems, however. One is that nothing in \header {} (found in is printed in the final output. This is not a terrible problem; I can insert anything missing in TeX.

See the information on titling at
However, you will need version 2.2.3 since earlier 2.2.x versions had a
bug. If you don't want to upgrade, I have described a workaround in
several emails found in the mailing list archives.

A more serious problem is that I can't seem to have multiple \lilypondfile's in one .tex file. This is my code:


     \title {Violin Concerto in D Major}
     \subtitle {Opus 35}
     \author {Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky}
     \date {\today}

     {\huge{I. Allegro Moderato}} \\

     {\huge{III. Finale}} \\


The resulting output is the title page, mvmt1 header, mvmt1, NO header at all, mvmt1 AGAIN. What's up?

I tried your example with some small files in and and
it works fine here. You can hopefully get a hint on what's up if you
run lilypond-book with the additional flag --verbose and also take a
careful look at the printouts from LaTeX. I recommend to remove all
lily-*.ly files first to make sure that lilypond-book reruns all the


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