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Re: Coda Wheel and Sign not printing

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Coda Wheel and Sign not printing
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 11:24:18 +0200
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Tim Sawyer wrote:
On Saturday 26 Jun 2004 18:05, Erik Sandberg wrote:

On Saturday 26 June 2004 14.30, Tim Sawyer wrote:

e4. e8 e8 e8 e4 e8 e4 e8 e8 e8 e8 e8 e8 e8 e4. r4. \mark #'(music
"scripts-segno") \bar "||" e8 e8 e8 e8 e8 e8 e4. e4. e8 e8 e8 e8 e8 e8
e4. r4. \mark #'(music "scripts-coda") \bar "||"  e8^"To Coda" e8 e8 e4
e8 e8 e8 e8 e4 e8 e4 e8 e8 e8 e8 e4. r4.^"D.S. al Coda" \bar "|."

Try running convert-ly on your file. Also, I would recommend you to use
lilypond version 2.2.x.

My apologies, I didn't include enough info.

I'm building using lilypond-book, then running latex. I'm not sure how to run convert-ly in this context. I'm running on Gentoo Linux if that helps, lilypond 2.0.3 is the latest stable version there.

You could try to run convert-ly on your LaTeX file with the included
lilypond code, but make sure to check afterwards that it didn't destroy
any of rest of the document. As an alternative, just copy the relevant
lines of LilyPond code into a separate .ly file, and run convert-ly on
that to see what is changed.

However, I'm not sure that convert-ly can handle the text markup code,
so you may have to read the manual yourself to find out the new syntax,

Version 2.2.x contains a completely new version of lilypond-book that
can run convert-ly selectively only on the lilypond code.


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