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Re: thin line for figured bass

From: Jean-marc LEGRAND
Subject: Re: thin line for figured bass
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 15:55:24 +0200

This is great : I now have a very old-looking figured bass !

I think I'm going to bild quite easely some other odd markups needed for 
ancient music !

Many thanks, Mats


You are right, this is a missing feature that's high on the
wish list for the figured bass support. It shouldn't be too
implement, mimicing the support for extender lines in lyrics.

As you show, it's possible to do anything with embedded postscript
code. Try "\\embeddedps{0.1 setlinewidth 2 7 moveto 5 1 rlineto stroke}"
to get a more reasonable line width.

However, it might be easier to typeset the figured bass using
ordinary text scripts and use text spanners to draw the lines, see
\override TextSpanner #'style = #'line
to get a solid line instead of the default dashed line.


Jean-marc LEGRAND wrote:

Hi list !

I've been visiting the archives to find a trick, but I couldn't find a solution.

I have to insert into my figured bass some thin lines after figures, that
indicate that the chord is
still running on the note after (am I clear ? ;o))

I've found in the tip and tricks a scheme that could work :

% Generated by lilypond-book
% Options: [printfilename,texidoc,linewidth]
\paper {
    linewidth = 160 \mm
\renameinput ""
\version "2.0.0"
\header {
  texidoc = "@cindex Embedded Postscript
By inserting the @TeX{} command \embeddedps, you can
insert postscript directly into the output.

\score      {
      \relative c''     {
            a-"\\embeddedps{2 7 moveto 5 1 rlineto stroke}"
      \paper { linewidth = 70 * \staffspace
%     raggedright = ##t

 It does print a line from 2 7 to (2 7)+ (5 1). But this line is very thick,
and I'de like to adapt
this exmeple to thiner lines.

How can I do ?

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