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Raising markups

From: Shelagh
Subject: Raising markups
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 09:33:51 +1000
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I was waondering how you would raise markups when they are
of the sort \mark \markup { \musicglyph #"scripts-segno"}.
I tried experimenting with \raise # 2.0 and the realised this
was only in relation to the other markup text. I tried to follow
the padding commands but I didn't 'get it'.
Any suggestions?


PS Before I sent this I did one further experiment. I
\mark \markup {" " \raise #3.0 \musicglyph #"sript-coda"}
And it worked. Maybe this will be useful for others.
But I'd still like to know how to use the padding command for these
items in a global override?


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