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dotted phrasing slur?

From: deubelba
Subject: dotted phrasing slur?
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 14:42:57 +0200 (MEST)

(cygwin, v. 2.2.2)

I'm working on a piece with several stanzas of lyrics
under a repeated section of music. At one point the stanzas
are rhythmically slightly different but with the same pitches.
[... b8\( a8 ~ a4\) ..., with one and two syllables in
the different lyrics stanzas]. I want to put a dotted slur
over the two notes to indicate that the notes may or may not
be slurred depending on the repeat we're in, but I'd also
like to use \lyricsto.

So here's the problem: For ordinary slurs slurDotted and
slurSolid are predefined, but since the slur creates a
melisma, lyricsto will refuse to put two syllables there.
With a phrasing slur there's no melisma, so for the case
that has only one syllable I can just add an underscore
(blank syllable) in the lyrics to fill the space, but
phrasing slurs have no prefabs for dotted and solid.

So, how do I change the line style for phrasing slurs?
The program reference tells me there's a "dashed"
property in slur-interface I can set, but I'm deeply
confused about the where and how.

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