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Re: Band parts - a newbie's view

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Re: Band parts - a newbie's view
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 17:09:49 +0100

Unless I'm mistaken, cut-common and common-time are actually different
Cut-common is the same as 2/2 not 4/4, whereas common-time and 4/4 are
the same thing.
Cut-common is usually represented with a C with a slash through.

Cut-common is often found in band parts and effectively doubles the
pace, at least that is my interpretation.

Any other opinions?


> The other is, if I ask for a time signature of 3/4, that's what I get.

> Or 9/8. Or 6/8. Or 5/4 or almost anything. But if I ask for 2/2 or
> then that's what I DON'T get. Bad bad bad! If I want common or 
> cut-common, then I should be able to ask for that directly. And in my 
> experience 4/4 and common are not the same thing - I often play pieces

> that have both ...

Interesting; what is the difference between C and 4/4? 

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