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Re: Réf. : Raising markups

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Réf. : Raising markups
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:17:27 +0200
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I always recommend the padding property instead of the extra-offset
property if you only want to move an object vertically. The reason
is that LilyPond takes the additional space into account, for example
when calculating the distance between the staves if you use padding,
whareas the extra-offset moves the object after all other typesetting
decisions have been taken into account.

If you search the mailing list archives, you should find numerous
examples of how to set the padding property of text markups, but for
the record here it comes again (in the syntax for version 2.2.x,
Jean-Marc used the 2.0.x syntax in his answer, always tell what
LilyPond version you use to get an accurate answer).
\once \override TextScript #'padding = #3.0


Jean-marc LEGRAND wrote:

Hi !
I've found this to put the mark wherever I want :  \once \property 
Voice.TextScript \override
#'extra-offset = #'(x . y) a2.^\markup {\italic {e}}. I adjust x and y after a 
few tries.

Have some fun !

Shelagh <address@hidden> Envoyé par : Pour : address@hidden lilypond-user-bounces+jean-marc.legrand=total. cc : address@hidden Objet : Raising markups 19/07/2004 01:33

I was waondering how you would raise markups when they are
of the sort \mark \markup { \musicglyph #"scripts-segno"}.
I tried experimenting with \raise # 2.0 and the realised this
was only in relation to the other markup text. I tried to follow
the padding commands but I didn't 'get it'.
Any suggestions?


PS Before I sent this I did one further experiment. I
\mark \markup {" " \raise #3.0 \musicglyph #"sript-coda"}
And it worked. Maybe this will be useful for others.
But I'd still like to know how to use the padding command for these
items in a global override?


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