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Re: clef after bar

From: Thorkil Wolvendans
Subject: Re: clef after bar
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 13:10:44 +0200

The problem's solved, thanks Erik!


At 13:19 28-7-04, you wrote:
On Tuesday 27 July 2004 22.28, Thorkil Wolvendans wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> At a certain point in a composition, I try to make a new clef appear after
> the barline instead of before, without a positive result.
> Is it possible in Lily to achieve this? I searched the docs, but couldn't
> find an answer.

The easiest way is probably to cheat, by inserting a very short skip before
the clef. Instead of

c4 c c c | \clef "alto" c c c c |
c4 c c c | \skip 16 \clef "alto" c4*3/4 c4 c c |


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