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Re: Notes spacing

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Notes spacing
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:24:37 +0200
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The note spacing is a complicated matter and is affected by several
parameters. The spacing-increment property only changes the proportion
between spacing for longer notes relative to the spacing for shorter
notes. What you noticed is probably just that your score happens to
have more long notes in the first 10 measures than in the rest.

There seems to be some misprints in the current documentation,
(I have sent a bug report) but you probably want to set the
shortest-duration-space property instead. Note also, that these
parameters determine the default spacing which may get compressed
or widened to fill each score line after program has determined
the line breaks.


Raphael Slinckx wrote:
Hi !

I have a problem with notes horizontal spacing, I want the score to be less cluttered, so here is my \paper block

\paper {
   \context  {
         \override SpacingSpanner #'spacing-increment = #5.0
   #(set-paper-size "a4")

As written in the docs, it works but only for the beginning of the song, then after 10 measures (and maybe a page break), the notes are cluttered again !

Is there something that break the spacing command ? Or does it applies only to the first page ? Can other "tweaks" affect this setting ?

Many thanks !

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