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Update on my question re. lilypond-book.

From: Lyle Raymond
Subject: Update on my question re. lilypond-book.
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 22:37:14 -0500
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Yesterday I posted a question regarding a problem I was having with 
lilypond-book (see original text below).  I since discovered that the problem 
lies in using pdflatex to render the output.  Is there a fix?

original message follows \--------------------------v

I'm working on a theory book for guitarists.  In the book, fretboard diagrams 
are created by first importing a {picture} file, titled "open_fretboard.tex," 
then superimposing another picture containing x's, o's and whatnot on top of 
it.  Thus, the structure of a fretboard diagram in chapter one is as follows:

     ^---contains--->"\input{open_fretboard}.tex", then "\begin{picture}"

This works until I want to use lilypond's chord symbols.  I tried:
        <chord stuff>
...inside the {picture} in chapter1.tex, but "$lilypond-book book.tex" results 
in an environment undefined error.  Where should the lilypond code go, and 
upon what file do I run lilypond-book?


  Version: 1.0
  GMU/O d+@ s: a C++ UL P+>++++ L++ E-(---) W++ N++ o--@ K- w+(--) !O !M V 
PS--(+) PE++ Y !PGP t+() !5 X+() R+++($) tv b++>+++ DI@ !D G e++>++++ h---@ 
r++ y?
  ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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