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question on removing bar numbers

From: Patrick Stanistreet
Subject: question on removing bar numbers
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 12:38:14 -0700
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I am including some inline code which is an attempt on my part
to print a drum score crib sheet without bar numbers. Commented out stuff doesn't work.

The line #(set-default-paper-size "letter") seems to cause a
layout problem although my usage of it may be incorrect.

I noticed while adding the fourth line on the page that
the page layout would change dramatically.  Then after modifying
the header and just having only a title it seems that the layout goes
back to normal.  Until the 4th line on the page is added with
a title and a subtitle in the header the layout is normal
Of course commenting out the first line helps.

#(set-default-paper-size "letter")
title =           "Lilypond drum pitches"
%subtitle =        "  "

\version  "2.3.4"

drumsvoce = \drums
bda4^"acoustic bass drum"     \repeat unfold 3 bda4
bd4^"bass drum"               \repeat unfold 3 bd4

ssh4^"hisidestick"            \repeat unfold 3 ssh4
ss4^"sidestick"               \repeat unfold 3 ss4
ssl4^"losidestick"            \repeat unfold 3 ssl4

sn4^"snare"                   \repeat unfold 3 sn4
hc4^"handclap"                \repeat unfold 3 hc4
sne4^"electricsnare"          \repeat unfold 3 sne4

tomfl4^"lowfloortom"          \repeat unfold 3 tomfl4
hhc4^"closedhihat"            \repeat unfold 3 hhc4
hh4^"hihat"                   \repeat unfold 3 hh4
}   %  end drumsvoce  notes

kitnames = \lyrics
bda \skip 4*3
bd  \skip 4*3

ssh  \skip 4*3
ss  \skip 4*3
ssl  \skip 4*3

sn  \skip 4*3
hc  \skip 4*3
sne  \skip 4*3

tomfl  \skip 4*3
hhc  \skip 4*3
hh  \skip 4*3
}   %  end lyrics

\score  {
\context DrumStaff \with  {
  \remove Time_signature_engraver
  \remove Bar_number_engraver
} \drumsvoce

%\context DrumVoice \with  {
%  \remove Time_signature_engraver
%  \remove Bar_number_engraver
%}  \drumsvoce

\context Lyrics { \kitnames }
%\context Lyrics \with  {
%  \remove Time_signature_engraver
%  \remove Bar_number_engraver
%}  \kitnames

\paper { indent = 0.0 \mm }
\midi { \tempo 4 = 60 }
}   % end score block

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