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Re: transposition and midi

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: transposition and midi
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 12:46:20 +0100
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The syntax of the \transpose command is
\transpose from to music
In other words, it only applies to the expression directly after
the \transpose command. In your example you only transpose the
\override command (which of course doesn't have any effect at all).
If you want to transpose the \hornNotes, should either exchange the
\transpose and \override lines or add curly braces:

\transpose c bes,
    \override Staff.KeySignature #'transparent = ##t

Also, the setting of transparent doesn't work unless you specify that
the setting should be done at the Staff level (not at the Voice level),
as I did in the example above.


D Josiah Boothby wrote:
Thank you for showing me that there are two sections on transposing, Mats, but now I have a new question:

In a recent email to the list, I saw that to remove a key signature, I could just use \override KeySignature #'transparent to do the job. Unfortunately, when I do this to a transposed part (as shown below), the transposition is nullified, so the notes are printed to the original pitch.


\version "2.4.2"

clarinetNotes = \relative c'' {
 \transposition bes
 \key d \minor
 d4 e f2

hornNotes = \relative c'' {
 \transposition es % original transposition
 \key a \minor
 c4 d8 f e4 c

\score {

 \context StaffGroup <<
   \context Staff = "clarinet" <<

   \context Staff = "horn" <<
     \transposition f
     \transpose c bes, % transposes horn in Es to horn in F
\override KeySignature #'transparent = ##t % since hornists hate key sigs


 \midi { \tempo 4 = 60 }

 \layout { raggedright = ##t }

Mats Bengtsson wrote:

The table of contents of the users manual includes two sections
with titles including "transpose" or "transposition". Make sure
to read both of them.


D Josiah Boothby wrote:

Using 2.4.2, I'd like to be able to transpose a part, create a midi file, and create the graphical output. The midi output is transposed right along with the score if everything is in the same score block. Is it possible to have an untransposed midi with transposed parts without having to play games with comments or writing out more than one score block every time (as in the below example)?

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