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Re: repeat and lyrics behaviour

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: repeat and lyrics behaviour
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 13:14:44 +0100
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Of course it's possible, you are using LilyPond, right? :-)

(Graham, below you find something that might be useful to include in the manual.)

Seriously, as long as the repeated section appears at the top of
the piece, it's very easy, just add a new line of lyrics, as in
the following example:

\version "2.4.0"
\score{ <<
  \relative c' {\repeat volta 2 {c4 d e f | g1 | } a2 b | c1}
  \addlyrics{do re mi fa sol la si do }
  \addlyrics{dodo rere mimi fafa solsol }

If the repeated section appears in the middle of a piece, you have
to play some more tricks to be able to use the \lyricsto feature,
namely to use a separate Voice context for the repeated part.
This is illustrated in the following example:

\version "2.4.0"
\score{ <<
  \context Voice = melody \relative c' {
    % Intro:
    c2 e | g e | c1 |
    % Repeated verse:
    \context Voice = verse \repeat volta 2 {c4 d e f | g1 | }
    % Ending:
    a2 b | c1}
  \lyricsto melody  \context Lyrics = mainlyrics \lyricmode {
    % Intro:
    do mi sol mi do
    % Ending:
    la si do }
  % First repeat of the verse:
  \lyricsto verse \context Lyrics = mainlyrics \lyricmode {
   do re mi fa sol }
  % Second repeat of the verse:
  \lyricsto verse \context Lyrics = repeatlyrics \lyricmode {
   dodo rere mimi fafa solsol }

Always tell what version of LilyPond you use, when sending a question
to the mailing list, otherwise you may get an answer that's not relevant
to your version. I assume that you use the latest stable version, 2.4.x.


Alexandre Leclerc wrote:
Hello all,

I'm a 4 hours newby. Great application (but I must say that the syntax
could have been much more user friendly - personal opinion, no

Ok, I'm trying my frist score... I have schematically something like:
repeat_volta_twice(do re mi fa sol) la si do

And I would like a lyric like "do re mi fa sol dodo rere mimi fafa
solso la si do"

note:   do   re   mi   fa   sol    :| la si do
lyrics: do   re   mi   fa   sol    :| la si do
        dodo rere mimi fafa solsol

I just don't know if this is possible... if yes, how can I do such a
thing? I can't find that in documentation.

Best regards.

        Mats Bengtsson
        Signal Processing
        Signals, Sensors and Systems
        Royal Institute of Technology
        SE-100 44  STOCKHOLM
        Phone: (+46) 8 790 8463                         
        Fax:   (+46) 8 790 7260
        Email: address@hidden

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