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OT: Arranging Background and Comping Figures

From: Rick Sutphin
Subject: OT: Arranging Background and Comping Figures
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 18:55:08 -0500
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This question is off topic, but I thought the posters to this newsgroup might be able to help.

I am a bad multi-instrumentalist with a multi-track. I would like to record accompainment grooves in various style to practice with (playing all the instruments myself). Not only am I a bad multi-instrumentalist, I am a worse arranger/composer. What I would like to find is a source of typical rhythm figures/comping patterns for different styles. These are easy enough to find for bass guitar and drumset/percussion, but I have not found anything useful for guitar or keyboards. Horn section patterns would be a plus.

Thanks in advance, and I again apologise for the off topic post -- though I do use Lilypond for all of my music type-setting :)


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