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Figured bass questions

From: Gilles
Subject: Figured bass questions
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 12:33:34 +0100
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I'm re-posting this one (plus other questions), as I'm not sure it 
went through (and the archive search engine is again not working 
at the moment: Fri Jan  7 12:31:31 CET 2005).

I've just installed 2.4.2 because "Regression tests"
showed that strings now appear in the output (there was a blank instead
in v2.2.6)

I thought I could use that feature for some missing support in the figured
bass notation.  Namely, the piece sometimes contain a "x" (cross) before
the figure.
I tried


but, although the string is "glued" to the digit, it appears in the output
as if there was a space between them (hence the "x" is printed above the "4").

Whereas, with


the layout is right but the digit is printed with font and size different
from the other figures.
What would be a workaround?

How to create a thin line (indicating that the chord is sustained throughout
the measure)?
In the archive, a trick with postscript was proposed (which I can't find right 
now...); I tried it within the "\figuremode" but it didn't work ("junking 
TextScript event"...).  Is there a way to include the incantation in the 
vicinity of the figured bass code?

In an expression like

  <7 _+>

the sharp sign is not aligned vertically with the digit "7" (but slightly too
much to the right, because of the space "_" I assume), which is not very 
Is it supposed to be so?  Is there some tweak to move it back to the the
appropriate position?


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