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Remove bar spacing

From: Martin Djernæs
Subject: Remove bar spacing
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 19:22:28 -0800


Before I go straight to my question let me try to explain what I am
trying to achieve:

I want to create a staff with a G-Clef, the time signature (4/4), *five*
g'4 notes and a single bar. Yes that is wrong, but that is what I want
to create. I have so far removed the bar after the fourth g'4 with 

  \set Score.defaultBarType = #"empty"

and added a new bar after the fifth with

  \bar "|"

So far so good.

However between the fourth and fifth g'4 I get more space than between
the rest .. I guess this comes from the BarLine spacing, but I can not
find the right place to get it to not do that. I feel like I have
searched high and low for the right place to modify the spacing, but to
no avail!

Can anyone help me?


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