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Re: problem with footer

From: Aurèle Duda
Subject: Re: problem with footer
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 20:46:20 +0100
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You may change the default implentations of oddFooterMarkup (in your paper block) with somthing like this :

        copyright = "Domain public"
        tagline = "lilypond 2.x.x"
        somestuff = "small text on each page"
  oddFooterMarkup = \markup {
    \column {
      \fill-line { % put copyright only on pagenr. 1
        \on-the-fly #(lambda (layout props arg)
          (if (= 1 (chain-assoc-get 'page:page-number props   -1))
            (interpret-markup layout props arg)
          ) )
      \fromproperty #'header:copyright
    \fill-line { % put some text on the others pagenr
      \on-the-fly #(lambda (layout props arg)
        (if (and
          (not (chain-assoc-get 'page:last?  props #t) )
          (not (= 1 (chain-assoc-get 'page:page-number props   -1))))
        (interpret-markup layout props arg)
        ) )
      \fromproperty #'header:somestuff
    \line { % put tagline only on last page
      \on-the-fly #(lambda (layout props arg)
        (if (chain-assoc-get 'page:last?  props #t)
          (interpret-markup layout props arg)
        ) )
        \left-align \fromproperty #'header:tagline


Jose-Luc Hopital wrote:
Lilypond version 2.4.2 on windoze XP or 2.4.1 on linux

I like to put a non-amiguous but readable small text on every page
of music , for example "Corelli Sonata op1-1 V1" for the Violin 1 part.
The \footer variable seem to be useful for that , but nothing is visible
in the PDF output. I have tried to put a "footer = " in a header block
(or paper or layout ) inside a book or a score block without success.

The documentation say The header and footer are created by the functions make-footer and make-header, defined in \paper. The default implementations are in scm/page-layout.scm.

I don't understand...

In a word, how to obtain a footer ?

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