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Re: Lyricsto skips notes with melisma's in 2.2 ?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyricsto skips notes with melisma's in 2.2 ?
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:51:01 +0100
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Ferenc Wagner wrote:
Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> writes:

Michiel Lange wrote:

The following is a snippet from a song I want to enter in
Lilypond version 2.2.0.
However the notes within << >> are skipped due to a

Please see the thread of emails in the mailing list archive,
starting at

Now, it looks like everybody has the *exact* same problem.
So let's change the documentation.  For a start we could
insert a warning into the tutorial section "Single staff
polyphony" that it messes up \addlyrics, see here and there.
But more importantly, this issue provides a very clear and
easily understandable introduction to the various context
creation commands, which could be explained in a followup
section.  What do you think about this?

Good idea!  The manual should also explicitly explain that
<< \upper \\ \lower >>
is equivalent to
  \context Voice = "1" {\voiceOne \upper}
  \context Voice = "2" {\voiceTwo \lower}

And also explain exactly what the \voiceOne ... \voiceFour
commands do (I think you can find some explanation in the mailing
list archives that I wrote some time ago).

On the other hand, I recognize that I've got no idea what
happens when one adds lyrics to a voice containing
simultaneous music...  Could somebody please enlighten me?

You mean if you have a voice containing something like:
c d e f <<{g8 a g a} {g4 a}>> b c
I seem to remember that older versions of the manual said that the
result was undefined in these situations. Of course, each version of
LilyPond will produce some deterministic result, but there's no
guarantee that it won't change til the next version. Besides, this
will often give strange layout also for the music itself, so it's
better to split into separate Voice contexts.


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