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Re: Comment marks

From: Maurizio Tomasi
Subject: Re: Comment marks
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 14:04:30 +0100
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Gordon Gilbert wrote:
Is it possible to comment out whole sections of your file? For example in the process of trying something, would it work to comment out a whole section of music or chords, or words like this?

a b c d
d e f g

Would that whole thing not be processed as it is? or would it just choke at the unmatched braces?

Gordon Gilbert

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Of course it is possible, and you was near to get the right solution! Simply enclose the part to comment between %{ and %}, i.e.

a b c d
d e f g

will ignore the two lines "a b c d" and "d e f g".


Maurizio Tomasi
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