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Re: \skip in lyricmode

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: \skip in lyricmode
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 11:36:34 +0100
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Please read about melismata at

Of course, in this particular example, using \lyricsto is much more
troublesome than using explicit durations of each syllable of the
lyrics (and remove the \lyricsto), but when you have longer sections
of lyrics, it's mostly a big saving to use \lyricsto.

Some more comments:
- Did you see
  you might find some useful ideas. Also,there have been several
  recent discussions on lyrics on the mailing list.
- Why do you have several <<{...} \\ {...}>> directly following
  eachother? Why not just write each voice separately and then
  combining them with a single <<{...} \\ {...}>> or even better
  to explicitly give more descriptive names to the two voices.
- If you read the section in the manual, refered above, you'll
  notice that you can replace all your \skip 8 with a single one,
  if you insert \melisma and \melismaEnd at the appropriate places
  in the music.


Charles Gran wrote:
So--if I understand this correctly--the number after \skip is still required in \lyricsto but doesn't do anything.

Realted to this, I have an introduction to a song that has a pickup text (discussed in an earlier post). The text useed to appear on the and of four in m.3. I added phrase marks and staccati to the introduction and now the text won't appear. Using \skip, there is a point where the text disappears.

I am using 2.4.2 under cygwin:

\version "2.4.2"
#(set-default-paper-size "letter")
%#(set-global-staff-size 25)
\header {
    title = "Casting Spells"
    poet = "C J Ver Burg"
    composer = "Charles Gran"
    tagline = ""

melody = {
\set Staff.extraNatural = ##f
\clef treble
\key f \minor
\time 2/2
%\tempo 2=60

<< { <f' aes'>8-. <f' aes'>-. < f' g' >4 <f' aes'>8-. <f' aes'>-. < f' g' >4 } \\ { c'4( b8) f->( c'4) b8 f->( } >> << { < c'' e''>8->( <b' d''> <a' c''> <c'' ees''>~ <c'' ees''>4) r8 <fes' aes'>->( } \\ { aes2) <aes c' ees'>8-. <aes c' ees'>-. <aes bes d'>4 } >> << { <aes' ces''>8 <ges' bes'> <f' aes'>) <d' f'>->( <e' c''>4.) c'8 } \\ { <aes ees'>4 bes <bes d'>8-. <bes d'>-. <c g bes>4 } >>

pickup = \lyricmode {
\skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8
\skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8
\skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8 \skip 8

harmonies = \chordmode {
r1 r1 r1


\score {
      \context ChordNames {
         \set chordChanges = ##t
   \context Voice = one {
   \lyricsto "1" \new Lyrics \pickup
   \layout { }
   \midi { \tempo 2=60 }

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