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Gentoo ebuild for Lilypond 2.5.8

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Gentoo ebuild for Lilypond 2.5.8
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:45:33 -0800
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I've attached a Gentoo ebuild for Lilypond 2.5.8 which I've just verified compiles just fine.

Some notes:

- You'll need to create a custom ebuild for >=app-text/mftrace-1.1.1. (1.1.2 is the latest.) You can do this by renaming the latest official Gentoo ebuild.

- This ebuild requires ghostscript-afpl instead of plain-vanilla ghostscript (which is actually ESP Ghostscript). This is because ESP Ghostscript is at version 7.07 and ghostscript-afpl is up to 8.50 (8.15 is the latest stable in Gentoo). Ghostscript 7 will hang when Lilypond is trying to parse and various mutopia examples. The downside of this is that AFPL Ghostscript may not ship with all of the CUPS printer drivers that are present in the ESP product. If you are worried about this, you might want to keep your existing Ghostscript and instead edit the GNUmakefiles in the source tarball to omit processing of les-nereides and the mutopia directory. In that case, in this ebuild replace the ">=app-text/ghostscript-afpl-8.15" with "virtual/ghostscript". Or, just unmerge the AFPL product after you've emerged Lilypond, and re-emerge the ESP product.

- This ebuild was created under the presumption that you are emerging as root. If you are emerging as any other user, you'll probably get sandbox violations.

- In your /etc/portage/package.keywords file, you'll want the following, to tell Portage to use "unstable" packages. Of course, if you are using an architecture other than x86, perform the obvious substitutions:
media-sound/lilypond ~x86
app-text/t1utils ~x86
media-fonts/ec-fonts-mftraced ~x86
media-gfx/potrace ~x86
media-gfx/fontforge ~x86
app-text/mftrace ~x86


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