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Re: Suppressing Time signatures

From: Karol Langner
Subject: Re: Suppressing Time signatures
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 13:56:01 +0100
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Hi again

 Put it in the \notes section.
 But the syntax like I wrote will differ between versions. I see now that with 
2.2.6 it will be '\override Score.TimeSignature #'transparent = ##t'. But I 
also see you're using 2.2.2 - I think for that version it would be something 
like '\property Score.TimeSignature \set #'transparent = ##t', but can't say 
for cartain. You need to check the 'Changing defaults' seciton in your 


written by Karol Langner
Thu Jan 20 13:51:33 CET 2005

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