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Re: Suppressings time signatures

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Suppressings time signatures
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 16:19:56 +0100
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As several people have said before, I recommend you to read the
chapter on Changing Defaults carefully. I know it seems very difficult
when you start to try these things, but it seems that you are one of
these users who will save much time both for yourself and us on the
mailing list if you learn the basics on tweaking LilyPond.
Of course, you are always welcome with questions, but this one
should actually be possible to solve using the ideas from that
chapter. Actually, even if you use version 2.2, I recommend you
to take a look at the corresponding chapter in the manual for
version 2.4, since this is one of the main improvements in the
manual after version 2.2 (note, though, that some of the examples
in the 2.4 manual may not work for you).

Anyway, \remove "..." has to do with how each context type is
defined. Here, you first have to find out which context handles
the time signatures. From the manual page on Time Signatures,
you can follow the link at the bottom of the page to "TimeSignature"
and from there to Time_signature_engraver, where it says that this
engraver, among others, is part of the Staff context.
Now, you have two options, either to redefine one specific Staff
context, using the \with declaration described at
or you can apply the change to all Staff contexts of the score,
using a setting in the \paper section (\layout section in version 2.4)
as described at
(Are you really sure that you didn't manage to find the answer yourself,
the examples on these pages match your question very well?).


Gordon Gilbert wrote:
On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Graham Percival wrote:

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:55:12 -0800
From: Graham Percival <address@hidden>
To: Gordon Gilbert <address@hidden>
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Suppressings time signatures

On 18-Jan-05, at 5:49 PM, Gordon Gilbert wrote:

The file below was written for 2.2.2. With this kind of chant for singing the Psalms there should be no time signature. I put one in the coding simply to put the bar-lines in the correct place. Now how can I remove the actual time signature character?

I'm not certain whether this works in 2.2, but for 2.4 this is extremely
easy; see the "Changing Defaults" chapter in the manual.

- Graham

Hi again!

I've tried many things to get rid of the time signature. I know about the command "\remove "Time_signature_engraver"" -- now -- where in the file below do I put that?


Gordon Gilbert

    |                 Angels' Roost Farm                  |
    |       Rev. Dn. Gordon Gilbert & Susan Gilbert       |
    |                   705-549-5056                      |
    |                address@hidden                  |
    |                address@hidden                 |

\header {
    filename = ""
    enteredby = "Gordon Gilbert"
    composer = "Gordon Gilbert 1968, 2004"
    poet = ""
    date="tr. Mary Byrne; versified by Eleanor Hull 1927"
    title = "Psalm Tune"
    metre = ""
    meter = \metre
    copyright = "Gordon Gilbert 2005"
    style = "tune"
    mutopiacomposer = \composer
    maintainer = "Gordon Gilbert"
    maintainerEmail = "address@hidden"
    lastupdated = "2005/Jan/6"

\version "2.2.2"

global=\notes {
    \time 2/2 \key g \major
    \skip 1*3 \bar "||"
    \skip 1*4 \bar "||"
    \skip 1*3 \bar "||"
    \skip 1*4 \bar "||"

%shorthand for Skip Lyric
sl = \notes { \skip 4 }

sop = \context Voice = "sop" \notes  {
    g'1 |
     d''2 b' |
    e'2 d'| e' g'
    d'' |
    e''2 b' |
    e'2 fis' |
    g' a' |

alto = \context Voice = "alto" \notes  {
    d'1 |
    fis'2 fis' |
    d' |
    c'2 b |
    c' e' |
    fis' |
    gis'2 e' |
    d' |
    c'2 d' |
    e' fis' |
    d'1 }

tenor = \context Voice = "tenor" \notes  {
    b1 |
    a2 a |
    a |
    g2 g |
    a b |
    d' |
    b2 gis |
    g |
    g2 a |
    b c' |
    b1 }

bass = \context Voice = "bass" \notes  {
    g1 |
    fis2 d |
    d |
    c2 b, |
    a, e |
    b |
    e2 b, |
    b, |
    c2 c |
    e d |
    g,1 }

accomp=\chords {


\score {
    \notes \context ChoirStaff <<
           \context ChordNames \accomp
         \unset ChoirStaff.melismaBusyProperties
        \context Staff ="upper" \notes { \clef "G" <<

        \context Staff = "lower" \notes { \clef "F"<<

        indent = 0.0\pt
        \context {
            \override ChordName  #'style = #'american
            chordChanges = ##t
    \midi {
        \tempo 4 = 120

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