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A440 Notation System

From: John Boyle
Subject: A440 Notation System
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 02:54:26 -0700

Hello, Lilypond users.

I'd be very grateful to hear your comments on the A440 System which you can 
access on

This is not an attempt to substitute the traditional system of notation. Its 
goal is to provide a simplified alternative for music leaning to help existing 
students to overcome the barriers of difficulty in sight reading which normally 
arise when the going gets a bit more complicated, and, especially, to provide a 
simple method which will encourage those millions of "potential musicians" who 
don't even start to learn because it looks too difficult!  These "non-starters" 
will be able to recognise every note immediately, at whatever octave, after 
perhaps only one session with the A440 System, and this gives the stimulus and 
motivation to continue which is often so difficult to create.

Over the years of development and the legal registration of the System, we have 
had very positive reactions from musicins at all levels, from beginners to 
musicologists, but I'd  to hear all your comments, both positive AND negative. 

Also, if you would like to be associated commercially with the development of 
the project, please let us know.

Many thanks for taking the time to hear about us.
Best regards,

John Boyle Conway
Project Director. Seville. Spain
A440 Musical Notation System

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