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Re: Gentoo ebuild for Lilypond 2.5.8

From: Steve Dickinson
Subject: Re: Gentoo ebuild for Lilypond 2.5.8
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 11:39:44 -0700
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Daniel Johnson wrote:
> I've attached a Gentoo ebuild for Lilypond 2.5.8 which I've just
> verified compiles just fine.

Thanks for this.  It works fine for me (on ppc) after some tweaking.

> - This ebuild requires ghostscript-afpl instead of plain-vanilla
> ghostscript (which is actually ESP Ghostscript).

Building the docs originally failed for me because gs segfaults on ppc
when using ghostscript-afpl.  This is because the ghostscript-afpl
ebuild does not include a patch that is included with the
plain-vanilla ghostscript ebuild.  To fix this, I created a new ebuild
in /usr/local/portage, copied the patch (gs-fix-gc.patch) over and
then modified the new ghostscript-afpl ebuild to include that patch.

(- Steve Dickinson -)
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