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Re: Installation problem

From: Lukas Giesinger
Subject: Re: Installation problem
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 21:28:55 +0100

Hello co-users,

Riky VDB wrote:
>I've been trying to run the test file of lilypond 2.2. It has generated an 
>It seems feta20.afm was not installed properly. However, I've found 
>'feta20.afm' in foliowing directory : 

Exactly the same problem here, on Windows ME.

Also, the installation process stopped at 98% of the setup. The progress dialog 
No package

However, after I manually cancelled the setup I got a "setup complete" message.

Another question: For a Windows installation, do I need to manually install the 
ec*-fonts? On the download site it says I need to but I couldn't figure out 
what ec* files to choose or how to install them on Windows.

Any suggestion on how to get the prog running?

Thanks in advance!

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