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piano template key signature and transpose

From: onix
Subject: piano template key signature and transpose
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 17:53:39 -0500

I am using lilypond 2.1.0

I need to transpose piano music I am playing tomorrow morning.
I took the sheet music and entered them into a lilypond
document using the template below as a guide:

1) Where do I insert the key signature command "\key bes \major"?
2) Where do I insert the transpose command "\transpose bes g"?
3) If my time signature were different, where would I insert it?
4) How do I limit this to 4 measures per line?

These questions are in the order of importance.  I have used lilypond
previously using the docs to make instrument parts and scores, but this
is my first attempt at polyphony (piano music).


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