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Horizontal beams & reduced beams

From: Sebastiano Vigna
Subject: Horizontal beams & reduced beams
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 22:45:07 +0100

To get horizontal beams (I know, they're usually horrible, but essential
in drum scores) the manual suggest to set beam damping to 100000. I
tried even 1000000000, but still they are not really horizontal.

Rune Zedeler proposed in 2002 on this list a hack to that purpose, but
know it causes Scheme errors... and I'd prefer something more stable.


For the same reason, I need smaller beams. Often you get independent
parts on the hi-hat, on the bass drum and on the snare (e.g., bossa
nova). The stems of the middle part (the snare) must be shorter.

By playing a lot with beamed-length and related properties I've been
able to get shorter beamed stems, BUT their bottom is always aligned
with a ledger line: thus either they are too long (if they touch the
last line) and collide with the bass, or they are too short (if they
touch the next-to-last line) and they are ugly. What should I tweak to
get them "in the middle"?



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