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From: Maxime AD
Subject: feta20.afm
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:26:50 -0500

I've a problem with lilypond, it says that it cannot find
feta20.afm.... I searched and this file is in
/usr/share/lilypond/2.4.2/fonts/afm/ !!! So this is the error message
address@hidden Tab]$ lilypond
GNU LilyPond 2.4.2
Processing `'
Interprétation en cours de la musique...Erreur: ne peut trouver « feta20.afm »
Les fontes Musicales n'ont pas été installées correctement. Abandon

So what do I have to do? I searched the archive but didn't find
anything matching!
Thank you!
Maxime AD

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